Delivering Game-changing Talent to Audaciously Visionary Enterprises in China

Hiring decisions are always important. But for visionary enterprises experiencing explosive growth and facing extraordinary expectations, a lot hangs in the balance.  Getting the right talent on board at this critical time may mean the difference between success and failure. So, is it any surprise that these decisions can keep founders, executives and VCs up at night? 
Finding China-ready game-changing talent isn’t easy. It requires insight into how a vision, strategy and hiring requirements should be aligned to craft a message that will resonate with  top-caliber candidates. It also requires identifying and moving in the right circles while using exceptional persuasive ability to not only access those candidates, but also  pique their interest. Finally, it requires recognizing the rare combination of attributes and characteristics that enable effectiveness in China while meeting exacting international standards.
Our team consists of entrepreneurs who have built successful companies. In addition, we have both broad and deep experience in venture capital and private equity as well as years of tactical execution experience in executive search. To paraphrase Peter Drucker, this means that we are both effective and efficient in delivering game-changing talent to our clients: We know how to do the right things and we know how to do things right. Our world-class business expertise enables us to completely and effectively research, define and articulate the critical requirements for success in key vacancies. Our years of experience in talent acquisition means that we can quickly and efficiently produce the candidates that meet our clients’ requirements.
We are also known for the exceptional doggedness and tenacity we bring to every assignment, which means that our clients can be confident that they get the results they expect and require.
Red Pagoda Resources - delivering game-changing talent to audaciously visionary enterprises in China 



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